Board Feet From Logs?

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Sat Oct 18 16:50:24 EST 1997

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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:

> I kind of doubt that is the reason that USFS is losing money on sales.
> Everytime the government does anything, it cost more than it should. I
> manage timber sales on private property and only get a small percentage.
> The landowner isn't losing money. But bureaucracies are ALWAYS
> overstaffed and usually overpaid compared to the private sector.

I don't know what the USFS does in the east, but out west here they do 
a lot more than sell trees.  They manage for recreation, which means forest
camps, improved roads, lakes and streams stocked with trout, camper and
emergency assistance, wildlife census, on and on.

Drive into a USFS station and you find maps and assistance.  Drive into
a Boise Cascade timber farm and you find locked gates and No Trespassing
signs.  When Boise Cascade closed their mill and company town at Valsetz,
Oregon, they burned the houses and ripped up the streets.  They didn't
want people in there.  Valsetz doesn't exist any more.

-- Larry

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