Managing Woodland Property shortcourse

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Oct 18 16:50:28 EST 1997

I just thought you other coasters would like to know what the local
extension service is doing in Douglas County, Oregon.  They're offering
a 7-week short course.  Class sessons are 2.5 hours, field trips are
3.5 hours.  No cost.  Coffee and cookies provided.

Woodland owner orientation - laws, regulations and taxes

Silviculture and logging - growing and harvesting trees

Ecology and tree identification - field trip

Reforestation - successful planting

Forest protection - keeping trees healthy

Inventory and Marketing - what you have and how to sell it

Course summary - field trip

This course is prerequisite for the Resource Management Planning and the
Master Woodland Manager programs.


The Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA) offers a woodlands management
college at its annual meeting.  Last year they offered over 90 hours of
instruction over the 3-day conference, much more than any single person
could attend.  

OSWA also works with local community colleges to offer courses of interest
to woodland owners.  Last year I took a 3-credit class in log scaling and

There is no reason for woodland owners to be ignorant about their property.
An active Woodland Owners Association is a real plus.  Check with your 
extension agent for associations in your area.

-- Larry

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