Board Feet From Logs?

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Sun Oct 19 13:58:14 EST 1997

Paul Morgan wrote:
> Larry Caldwell wrote in article ...
> >Drive into a USFS station and you find maps and assistance.  Drive into
> >a Boise Cascade timber farm and you find locked gates and No Trespassing
> >signs.  When Boise Cascade closed their mill and company town at Valsetz,
> >Oregon, they burned the houses and ripped up the streets.  They didn't
> >want people in there.  Valsetz doesn't exist any more.
> >
> >-- Larry
> >
> As companies very rarely operate on principle, this was most likely a cold,
> calculated business decision - having the great, unwashed public milling
> about on your forest lands just ain't worth it.
> Paul

This happened up here too.  Without pointing fingers at a specific
business, roughly ten years back wood theft and garbage dumping got out
of control. As personel were laid off due to overcutting there were vast
areas which would seldom have a company employee drive through, much
less walk. Other activities were picking up, such as brush harvest,
shake cutting, mushrooming and stupid actions such as setting off
fireworks in late August. At the same time, road management changed to a
policy of maintaining active haul roads and cutting off or abandoning
the old ones in reprod areas. There was a while when it seemed the only
folk in the woods were the overworked couple hired for security. Then
the gates and tanktraps were put in and the security folk laid off. 
And that's all they wrote. The market has adjusted to small sticks, and
cutting seems to be keeping pace, so there won't be any "recovery".
Depressing, ain't it.
Mike H.

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