Buckeye Tree

jimfrost at nwrain.com jimfrost at nwrain.com
Sun Oct 19 12:56:05 EST 1997

>   mjacobbe at aol.com (Mjacobbe) writes:
>  My son and I found a Buckeye tree during a recent walk, and collected
>   approximately a dozen nuts which were still in their pods.  We took the nuts


I live in Western Washington and brought back some Buckeye nuts from Ohio last September 96.  I put 
then in a plastic bag over the winter in the refrigerator.  In spring, I pulled them out of the fridge and the nuts 
had cracked open and had a leader about 1" long coming out.  I planted them in pots outside. They grew 
really great for about half the summer, then turned brown and died, all 5 or 6 of them.  That’s how I got them 
to grow in the pot, at least for half the summer.  If anyone knows what I can do to make them survive a little 
longer for the next time I get some nuts, it would be appreciated. 

Grapeview, WA

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