Hunting Leases on Private Land

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Sun Oct 19 19:18:23 EST 1997

ForestFair wrote:
> New York State has high property taxes, and landowners often need alternative
>  income sources (since the outgo for taxes often exceeds the income from timber
>  harvests).
> How do other landowners determine what to charge for hunting rights?  Do you
>  set one fee for a defined group, do you charge unrelated individuals on a per
>  person basis, or do you have a charge related to acreage?  Other methods?

In Texas, where hunting leases are next to church in interest to the
family, you get a bit of all of the above.  Usually, one inidividual or
a group will lease a tract of company or private land on a per acre
basis, supply an umbrella insurance policy, and get about the business
of hunting.  On occaisions you will find someone establish a large lease
and rent it out by the gun per year, or even as a "day lease" if game
and hunters are plentiful.  Usually, the leases run for several
years,indeed, some of the older leases are part of a hierachy or "class"
related to level your position in a particular business, politics, good
ol' boy, etc.  Leases runfrom a few dollars an acre  per year, to
thousands per gun, depending on a wide range of variables.  Privacy is a
high price comodity in the Texas deer lease.

Don Staples

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