how many trees?

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Sun Oct 19 17:53:40 EST 1997


Bill MacDonald

Rob Clark <hcfb at> wrote in article
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> There are thousands of trees planted every day around the world!. The
> you could do is guess, kind of like the human population estimates.
> Rob Clark

UN FAO estimates world forest cover at 13,116.1 million hectares.  If you
assume 500 trees per hectare (for no particular reason!) that would make it
 6,558,050,000,000 trees in the world.  

Since the area estimate is only good to the nearest 100,000 hectares and my
stocking assumption could be out by 500 either way, the above figure could
be 50 millon out either way.

The only way to be sure is to count them.  Better get started :-)

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