Forestry Photo Gallery

B. J. Nodello v7re at
Wed Oct 22 20:55:31 EST 1997

I have recently gone on a field trip to Nova Scotia to see silvicultural
treatments.  I was able to see the results of precommercial and commercial
thinning, shelterwood cuts, an unaltered hemlock stand, and actually watch
a commercial thinning operation.  I learned more on this 3 day field trip
with regards to silviculture than in any of my courses combined (sad, I
know!).  I am starting up a photo gallery so that students that do not
have the opportunity to see this type of stuff first hand can at least see
photos of it.  There are only a few up not, but I will have a bunch more
next week when I scan the rest of them.  Please drop by to check it out.  If you
have any pictures that I could post please email me.  Thanks.


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