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Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Oct 24 18:10:43 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
>       The Society of American Foresters Representative, Mike Goergen,
> > stated that the SAF has no opinion on the program at this time.
> No opinion? Give me a break. <G> The premier forestry "club" in America
> has no opinion? An organization with more PHD's than Harvard doesn't
> have an opinion? The SAF should be leading the charge into the 21st
> century; instead it's a conservative club of those who have "made it"-
> they have their tenure- so why care about the "real world" of forestry?
> Like we "mud foresters". <G>

> So Don Staples, why aren't members of all the groups you mentioned
> active on the internet where we all can have some REAL discussion free
> of the usual symbolism of who has the fanciest suit, the biggest office,
> and grand titles, the feudal hierarchy of who's more important than who?
> As a forester who has spent over 20 years out there in the mud I accuse
> the leadership of the forestry profession of being a bunch of blow hards
> who have done nothing whatsover for the advancement of forestry. REAL
> foresters who actually work in the woods everyday do their own forestry
> promotion, develop their own skills, develop their own tools and
> methods, and advance the profession of forestry while all the countless
> meetings of SAF, the bureaucrats and politicians in the second half of
> the twentieth century have been a complete waste. And if anyone thinks
> I'm wrong, then prove it.

Uh, wrong pulpit, or parish maybe, I agree with you, and I got 30
years.  My office has 5 gallon hydraulic buckets for water collectors
when the roof leaks!  So office and suits are a rare commodity in my
part of the woods.  I sent the referenced quote out so we enlightened
ones can see what the elite are doing to us.  I happen to be an ACFer,
not SAFer, I lost interest in them when they asked me for phd dues.  Of
course the ACF dues may soon approach those of the SAF.

But I got to ask you, How many dollars do you actually put into
advertising either your business or your profession?  Same here, yellow
pages and the net.  The rest doesn't pay off worth a damn, so who do
folks listen to?  Who controls the propaganda?  You have land owners
like Larry bad mouthing the profession, the loggers bad mouthing, the
state and federal agencies wish we would disappear so they can have  a
larger chunk of the cake, and we do the real work that most land owners
see, good or bad.  Not the public or the EF!ers, but land owners who
control 63% of the woods.  ACF dues give me a little bit of an opening
into the "real world of forestry" (the policy and proceedure end).

It is a crying shame that your reactionary butt any my conservative butt
(with  Larry, Steve, and the rest) can't sit down and draw the plans for
the 21st century in forestry.  I know it would at least not be any
worse.  Who knows, a little real knowledge of forestry might slip into
practice with the states and feds.

FI, off for a cold one.

Oh, 200 K sale yesterday, I am now drinking a better elixir than for the
past 10months.
> .

Don Staples

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