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Jostnix jostnix at
Fri Oct 24 19:49:53 EST 1997

I'm scarred stiff.  I have a new toy that could make the forestry
community shake in their boots.  You can actually chat with other people
interested in forestry.

And I am the administrator of the site!!  Hell, I was planting trees just
a few years back. The Zorin and Staples team can actually talk to each
other on a regular basis.

The need either Netscape 3.0 or higher or IE 3.01 or higher. 
You can download each off my site.

Go to...  welcome page, find community on
the right side of the page, then to chat.  Click if you dare...

I will be there tomorrow to host the chat at 7 p.m. CST - 8 p.m. EST.  I
don't know the first thing about hosting a chat forum.  Please be gentle on
my virgin experience.

You can go there now if you have someone to talk to.  It is open 24 hours
a day.

I would like to develop a schedule for forestry groups to interact.  Let
me know what you would like and let me schedule a time for particular
interests on the subject of forestry.

Looking forward to talking,

Steve Nix, Forestry Guide
The Mining Company

``````) (_________John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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