EF! case histories.

Patrick J. Chicas pjc at aloha.net
Fri Oct 24 19:02:34 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin (redoak at forestmeister.com) wrote:
: OK, now that we see these ecoterrorists got what was due to them. Now,
: how about those good clean white booze guzling, gun stroking, Christian
: folk that enslaved the blacks, murdered the Indians by the millions,
: polluted almost every river in the country, poisoned the air, clearcut
: billions of acres, eroded countless mountainsides, and recently
: "downsized" millions of workers and exported their jobs, droped
: 25,000,000 tons of bombs on peasants in southeast Asia, stole a half
: trillion bucks from the savings and loans, etc. ad infinitum. THESE ARE
: THE REAL ECCOTERRORISTS, not a few hippies with a few spikes. No jail
: terms for them.

Hey! What about HITLER?

Your forgot that tidbit in your complete sidestep of the facts. How
typical, and how pathetic!


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