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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Oct 25 15:20:17 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> >
> > 200 mbf of prime timber in Berkshire County, western Massachusetts, USA,
> > planet Earth, Solar system, Milky Way galaxy, mostly red oak (quercus
> > rubrum). Large, high quality timber.
> >
> > A timber showing will be held on Nov. 3. For futher info, please email.
> I am real interested in responce you get on this, forestmeister.  It is
> a first, to my knowledge, and I think it may be a little premature, but
> damn I like it!
> --
> Don Staples
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Well, I've been cutting edge ever since I went to Woodstock. Out on the
frontier of forestry- in so far as Taxachusetts goes- so far out in the
front that nobody can else can see me. The twilight zone of cyberspace
this time.

I have my usual stable of timber buyers most of whom are within 50
miles- lots of sawmills in this- one of the most densely populated
states in the great American Empire- 2/3 of the state is forest and most
of that is private. Over 6 million folks in a state no bigger than a
small ranch in Texas. <G>

I doubt I'll strike up any interest this way, but yuh never know. If we
can get the sawmill foresters to enter cyberspace- this could be an
effective marketing tool.

Speaking of Woodstock- there's this sweet little old lady who runs the
local video store. In her mid 50's with white hair and bifocals. Reminds
me of my grandma when I was a child. One day I rented the video on
Woodstock and asked her if she had heard of it. Sure she said, "I was
there- just a young woman in my early 20's- dropping acid and grooving
on Hendrix". It's gonna take me a long time to recover from the shock.

Realistically, I don't think marketing stumpage on the net has much
value, but marketing logs or finished lumber has a great future no
doubt. Like- a cash and carry web page lumber yard? Uh.. probably not.
But people are going to make fortunes with the net... but can anyone
make it pay for the forestry business?
"The ONLY forester's web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

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