Goodbye to Foresters?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Oct 25 06:48:56 EST 1997

Nick Ananin wrote:
> So what if some want to go ALT.
> My ISP still does not carry ALT.Forestry - in which case many other ISP's
> worldwide also won't. Therefore going ALT is surely for the exclusive bunch
> and not those who want to have global communication. I agree "Agroforestry"
> is not the ideal title but lets plan for the future - what about
> SCI.Forestry?
> --
> Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

Your ISP will carry alt.forestry if you ask. All they have to do is add
it to their list. Just ask'em.

sci.forestry might have been better, but why bother now that we have a
REAL forestry group.

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