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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Oct 26 06:26:13 EST 1997

Patrick J. Chicas wrote:
> In article <3451BF8E.55C4 at forestmeister.com> you wrote:
> :
> : Screw you! The point was that it is idiotic to have a few characters
> : with spikes made out to be terrorists when the entire landscape of North
> : America has been terrorized by our civilizaiton. If you can't comprehend
> : that, go back to first grade.
> Your bizzare behaviour prompted me to visit your www page.
> You're a whacky guy Joe.. You say you are reincarnated from a Bear.
>    Once upon a time I was a big black bear with the name Joe Bear,
>    naturally. I had a great life roaming through the wilderness eating
>    berries and little creatures if I could catch them and sometimes
>    raiding people's garbage cans for all those juicy leftovers of TV
>    dinners, donuts and my favorite, peanut butter. But unfortunately in my
>    old age of exactly 10 years I passed on to the great bear nirvana in
>    the sky; to be reborn as a Forestry Consultant, one of mankind's
>    noblest professions.
> I suppose that you know this for fact?
> And then you go on to think that you are some superior, whacky guy.. You
> give out awards to folks that you approve of..
>    This new "Excellence Award" will be given out by forestmeister.com to
>    those consultants who excel at silviculture, geopolitics, cosmology and
>    HTML programming. Any forestry consultant may nominate his own web page
>    which will be reviewed by The Forestmeister for style, content, a lack
>    of the usual "forestry school party line", and of course most
>    importantly, an awesome wit.
> Whata Whacky Guy..
> Please don't stop..
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It's more fun to be whacky than an uptight Republican brainwashed by
religion - and thinking that Rush Limbaugh is an intellectual. I can see
you have no sense of humor- you either were an accounting major in the
'60's or you're just a young Republican punk that worships
megacorporations- foolishly thinking that they represent the real
American spirit. Don't take seriously everything you read- that's how
you got into your predicament of being a thoughless conservative. I
actually do have some respect for some conservatives who show some
common sense.

"The ONLY forester's web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

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