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In article <3451BF8E.55C4 at forestmeister.com> you wrote:
: Screw you! The point was that it is idiotic to have a few characters
: with spikes made out to be terrorists when the entire landscape of North
: America has been terrorized by our civilizaiton. If you can't comprehend
: that, go back to first grade.

Your bizzare behaviour prompted me to visit your www page.

You're a whacky guy Joe.. You say you are reincarnated from a Bear.

   Once upon a time I was a big black bear with the name Joe Bear,
   naturally. I had a great life roaming through the wilderness eating
   berries and little creatures if I could catch them and sometimes
   raiding people's garbage cans for all those juicy leftovers of TV
   dinners, donuts and my favorite, peanut butter. But unfortunately in my
   old age of exactly 10 years I passed on to the great bear nirvana in
   the sky; to be reborn as a Forestry Consultant, one of mankind's
   noblest professions.

I suppose that you know this for fact?

And then you go on to think that you are some superior, whacky guy.. You
give out awards to folks that you approve of..

   This new "Excellence Award" will be given out by forestmeister.com to
   those consultants who excel at silviculture, geopolitics, cosmology and
   HTML programming. Any forestry consultant may nominate his own web page
   which will be reviewed by The Forestmeister for style, content, a lack
   of the usual "forestry school party line", and of course most
   importantly, an awesome wit.

Whata Whacky Guy..

Please don't stop.. 


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