timber offering

jim jimfrost at hctc.com
Sun Oct 26 11:27:27 EST 1997

In our small firm here in WA, we require 10% of the bid to be enclosed with
the bid.  As far as where the break line is where people start loosing
interest, we think it's at the same point where the big guys don't bid
because of  low volume and the little guys become interested because the
volume fits them well.  We also find that lenders, weather it's a lending
institution or mill backing the buyer, will work with the small guy as well
as the big guys.  It all depends on how resouresful the interested buyer

Jim Frost
Grapeviw, WA

> On a sale this size,  how much money do you get up front?  At what price
do you
>  start losing interested bidders because of lack of sufficient resources
to pay
>  100% prior to the start of logging? 
> How long do you give for completion of logging in a large sale?
> ForestFair at aol.com 

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