CHAT times

Nick Ananin visfor at
Sun Oct 26 07:53:28 EST 1997

If we look at global timezones there are 3 distinct regions:
1) America (Pacific to Atlantic) centred on Central Time
2) Europe (GMT to Kazan) centred on Helsinki
3) Asia (Tashkent to Vladivostock) centred on Beijing
The time that most people globally are awake is 10-11am CST, 6-7pm Helsinki
and 11 -12pm Beijing. However this means Tokyo is after midnight.
Alternative one hour earlier which means the guys and galls in the Pacific
have to get up early.!!
Either way it is worth looking at 3 functional discussion groups/zones?
When you guys in USA are in bed, Europe and Asia are up and about. So Asia
could come on line midnight to 4am CST and Europe could come on line 4am to
8 am CST?
Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

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