Forestry in Scotland

Nick Ananin visfor at
Sun Oct 26 15:33:02 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin asked for some info. on forestry in Scotland:
1) Concentrating on the NEast of Scotland - Scots Pine was the predominant
planted species (now 30% of area) as it tends to be drier here. Sitka
Spruce - (an exotic!) is widely planted  (also 30% of area) due to faster
increment. Other conifers make up a further 20% of the area and broadleaves
17%.Very little of semi natural forest remains.
2) 20% in NE Scotland is under forestry. The total for the UK is only 10%
3) About a third is state forest in the NEast of Scotland (43% for Scotland
and 35% for whole of UK). Large private Estates hold a lot of the forestry
in N East of Scotland.
4) Deer (Roe and Red) together with Rabbits pose most problems to
foresters. Conflicts of interest between sporting and forestry can be an
issue. foxes are extensively controlled.
5) Discussion is ongoing to introduce beavers, wolves etc but the question
of habitat and adequate range may preclude their introduction.
6) Scottish Foresters rarely wear kilts.
7) Vision Forestry is a small forest Management Company with big ideas! I
specialise in technical development e.g.: a) I developed utilisation of
planting machines - not used previously - for aforestation on farmland.
This included designing machinery. b) Design of gate to permit access for
disabled c) Strategic development of tree management for a utility -
including survey techniques. I am also Chairman for Forest Education
Initiative and Secretary of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society in the
North East of Scotland.
Hope that was a brief resume of what goes on. Some of the issues like
whether we should be planting good farmland will probably surface in future
Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

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