Goodbye to Foresters?

Bill MacDonald bill.macdonald at
Sun Oct 26 15:15:28 EST 1997


Bill MacDonald

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
<3451DCA8.EE3 at>...
> Nick Ananin wrote:
> > 
> > So what if some want to go ALT.
> > My ISP still does not carry ALT.Forestry - in which case many other
> > worldwide also won't. Therefore going ALT is surely for the exclusive

My ISP added alt.forestry in about 12 hours after I emailed them.  Maybe
you should change?  

I have been reading the messages on both alt.forestry and
bionet.agroforestry.  The number of posts to  the latter has picked up
considerably  since some competition appeared on the scene.  My earlier
doubts about having two newsgroups seem to be unfounded.  It is early days
but the number of posts to alt.forestry are seems to be about the same as
bionet.agroforestry used to get.  I am reading posts there from people who
say they can't even read the newsgroup themselves yet so don't despair the
messge is getting through

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