timber offering

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 27 04:05:52 EST 1997

Michael Hagen wrote:

> A recurring problem that consultants face is competion from loggers,
> company procurement agents and free "agency" foresters. It's hard for
> the average landowner or even municipality to pass up "free" foresters.
> The abysmal condition of most non-industrial second growth shows that
> for the most part, they got what they paid for.

The state of Mass. service foresters used to do "free" timber marking
until I let lose with my hot temper at them- they stoped. But now with
their excess free time- they have more time to "supervise" me. I'm now
in the middle of a multi-year effort to convert this "supervision" into
something more productive- turning them into "forestry missionaries". Of
course it takes many, many years to convert the functionality of
bureaucrats- lots of continuous pressure and arm twisting of state
politicians. In another 10-15 years I'll probably win this battle too.

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