Wood Volumes and Conversions

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Oct 26 22:59:27 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> Der Forestmeister may have just made history.  Offering a virtual
> prospectus will work one day and his may have been the first.  Hope it
> sells to someone lurking on this newsgroup.
> People sell timber and a growing number are using the Internet for advice.
>  This combination makes for an exciting future for forestry and I am glad
> to be a part of it.
> Do you know how to sell your timber?  Do you know about volumes and what
> units wood is sold in?
> Read my new feature with links that explain wood volumes and the hazards
> to look for.  Wood volumes are the most misunderstood part in selling
> timber for the best dollar.  Read "Understanding Wood Volumes: Mission
> Impossible" for a shortcourse in timber volumes.

Funny you should bring this up, I used Southern Wood Conversion Factors
and Rules of Thumb brom the Alabama Forestry Link, whos URL I got from
your page, during testimony on a timber theft trial this past week. 
Information gained on the net is going into the court room, as well as
the living rooms of our clients.  Beleave me, when your in a need to
know situation it is essential that we develope the skills, ability, and
just plain smarts to use what is available to us.

God, I love my work!
Don Staples

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