Forestry in Scotland

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> Joseph Zorzin asked for some info. on forestry in Scotland:
> 1) Concentrating on the NEast of Scotland - Scots Pine was the
> planted species (now 30% of area) as it tends to be drier here. Sitka
> Spruce - (an exotic!) is widely planted  (also 30% of area) due to faster
> increment. Other conifers make up a further 20% of the area and
> 17%.Very little of semi natural forest remains.
What sort of increment would be typical for Sitka and what is it for the
And what is the time to maturity?
You can get hold of Sitka -plants here in Sweden,but they would be a fair
bit more expensive than our usual spruce.
We,too,have a lot of problems with Roe deer,at least in the southern half
of the country.A recent method to minimise damage to is to leave bales of
hay wrapped in plastic a minimum of 100 metres from recently planted tracts
from November on.

One large estate reports that this is very cost effective.One 250-kilo bale
per 100 hectares is enough.As hunting leases are a significant source of
income they would want both the deers to stay while minimising the need to
re-plant and use repellants.


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