Wood Volumes and Conversions

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 27 04:29:14 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:

> Read my new feature with links that explain wood volumes and the hazards
> to look for.  Wood volumes are the most misunderstood part in selling
> timber for the best dollar.  Read "Understanding Wood Volumes: Mission
> Impossible" for a shortcourse in timber volumes.

My take on timber volumes- I never know how accurate I am when I mark
timber and if a logger or mill told me I wouldn't believe him.

What's more important than accuracy is consistency. Since I can never
know how accurate I am, if I'm consistant, then the buyers (usually the
same dozen or so guys) each of whom has bought from me several times,
keep records on how I've done before. Once I realized this, and after
hearing buyers complain about certain foresters who tend to run short or
right on, I adjusted my tables upward to build in a small "overrun", so
I'd NEVER run short and never earn the wrath of the buyers. But since
I'm very consistent- the overrun is also consistent, so they adjust
their bids upward to account for the overrun- and they get it- so they
have NOTHING to complain about- but they end up paying a fair price
because they predicted it. It's a win-win situation. And, I make a point
of spending more time examining high value trees to get them most
accurate, and less time worrying about low value trees, even making a
point of being generous on those (in deducting for defect, etc.), with
the result being that this insures an overrun in volume, but the value
is not overrun by the same magnitude- to insure again that they pay a
proper amount; so they might end up with a 10% volume overrun and yet
their profit turnover mysteriously isn't overrun. Like magic. <G>

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