Court Summons; volume conversions

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Mon Oct 27 11:56:04 EST 1997

> I AM NOT THE SOURCE FOR THIS STUFF.  Please don't have some judge ask me
> to show up in Texas as a source for conversion factors.  They are very
> approximate and should be used for estimates only.  I have that printed all
> over the page.  I have given sources as well.
Excellant layout for a subject that occasionally baffles foresters, as
well as everyone else. 
 I used to have a heck of a time comparing stumpage for salvage red
cedar in cord form to export red cedar in log form, especially
considering that the cedar blocks (16"-24") were essentially the highest
quality portions of cull logs. Which price do you use; a tonnage or
cunit price for culled out logs (gross measure) or the highest export
price for sound wood (net measure). Neither. Realisticaly you take the
competitive market price and fudge the rest for the benefit of the
accountants who thought up the conundrum in the first place. The same
goes for "music wood".  
The lbs/mbf factor becomes useful when appraising timber since different
species/sorts require different "amounts of work" to harvest,
interestingly in accordance with their particular weight factor. This is
evident when the logging is very efficient.
Mike H.

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