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Anders Axelsson wrote:
> Don Staples <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote in article
> > Gate wood price on pine in Texas is $75.00 ton, give or take.  My last
> > sale brought $60 a ton, logging and hauling will cost $20.00 a ton, so I
> > got my landowner $5.00 a ton more that the best logger can offer,
> > acctually more like $8 to $10 per ton on most loggers, so my bill doen't
> > hurt the landowner.  Small loggers reaping the benefits of small land
> > owners currently offer $30.00 a ton, so the income for a landowner that
> > uses a consultant will be doubled, less consulting fees.  Good deal for
> > them.
> >
> > Next weeks sale will be in excess of 300,000 feet, much better grade and
> > size of pine, and should bring in a 40% increase in sales value, the
> > companies depending on a long term contract to compensate for the
> > increase in there cost, against the steady rise of timber in this part
> > of the world.
> To educate a Scandinavian:
> How many feet are there per cubic metre?
> What is "mbf"
> And how much is a"cord",a term I saw someone else using.
> The prices per ton that you quote,is that fot timber to be sawn or pulped
> or is it a
> mixture?

The $60 a ton is for logs, the pulp is running $10 to 18 a ton.  We
don't usually sell mixed product, but are paid out by product.

The following is a fairly complete breakdown of US measures, with
commentary (small) of conversion to cubic meters.  The information is
from the Alabama Forestry Department web site at

Wood and Log  Volume Conversion Factors
Southern Averages       

                (Use for approximations only)
                Approximate Weight Conversions
        One standard cord of pine pulpwood (128 cubic feet) =
        5,350 pounds (range: 4,700 - 5550) or 2.675 tons
        One standard cord of hardwood pulpwood (128 cubic feet) =
        5,800 pounds (range:5,400 - 6,075) or 2.90 tons
        One thousand board feet of pine sawtimber (Scribner ) =
        15,000 pounds (range:14,000-18,000 lbs.) or 7.5 tons
        One thousand board feet of hardwood sawtimber (Doyle) =
        17,500 pounds (range:15,000-19,000 lbs.) or 8.75 tons
        One cord of chips weighs approximately 2.5 tons or 5,000 pounds
        One MBF, lumber scale, yields 1.20 tons, green chips
        One MBF, Doyle scale, yields 1.60 tons, green chips
        The ratio of pine pulpwood to pine sawtimber weight is 2.8 cords
to 1 mbf
        The ratio of hardwood pulpwood to hardwood sawtimber weight is
3.0 cords to 1 mbf

                Approximate Cubic Foot Conversions
        1 Standard Cord = 128 cubic feet of stacked volume
        1 Solid Content Cord = 80 cubic feet of solid wood and bark
(range: 60 - 95)
        1 cunit = 100 cubic feet of solid wood
        1 thousand board feet (mbf)  = 183 cubic feet  (range: 160 to
        A factor of 5.5 board feet per cubic foot is recommended for
general use
        A factor of 6.0 board feet per cubic foot for chip-n-saw
        Board foot/cubic foot relationships of 5:1 or 6:1 are
recommended for rough conversions
        A cubic meter contains 35.3 cubic feet

                Approximate Log Rule Conversions
        Convert Scribner to Doyle ...Multiply by
.72                                    Convert International to Doyle
...Multiply by .63
        Convert Doyle to Scribner...Multiply by
1.39                                    Convert Doyle to
International...Multiply by 1.60
        Convert Scribner to International...Multiply by  1.14
        Convert International to Scribner...Multiply by .875

                Approximate Cord to Board Foot Conversions
        One thousand board feet of Pine = 2.8 cords
        One thousand board feet of Hardwood = 3.0 cords
        One cord of softwood = 415 board feet
        One cord of hardwood = 420 board feet

                Approximate Pieces 
        One cord of softwood = 135 posts
        One cord of hardwood = 130 posts
        One pole = 145 board feet or 26 cubic feet (class 4-45)
        One pallet = 20 board feet
        One skid = 70 board feet
        One handle blank = 1.8 board feet
        60 whiskey barrel staves = one cord
        1.25 square feet veneer = one board feet
        One mine or cross tie = 45 board feet
        One switch tie = 60 board feet

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