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Mon Oct 27 12:19:55 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Too many deer are not usually a problem here in the USA since almost all
> red blooded patriotic American males have their own personal armory- a
> wall cabinet filled with enough weapons for a battalion. And most
> American men dream all year of the few weeks of hunting season when they
> can go out and do battle with those dangerous animals. By this means we
> keep the populations of deer under control. This is also good for the
> nation in case we get invaded by Nicaragua and the National Guard is
> called out. <G>
> Often, hunters are surprised when I tell them that I go out deep in the

Joseph and I agree on most things, not on weaponry.  Difference between
the east Coast, left Coast, and free Texas!  (Yes, Joseph, it's a
joke).  Deer hunting is one more method of earning income from the
property.  The hunting leases pay the ad valorum tax in Texas.  One less
worry.  And I like guns.  Joseph is into Woodstock (Joseph, it's over,
come back) and I'm into the woods chasing the saber tooth cotten tail. 
I use a Holland and Holland .765 for this dangerous game.
> woods all alone without weapons.
> To learn more about American guns, just go visit Don Staples' home page.
> <G>

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