Wood Volumes and Conversions

Jostnix jostnix at aol.com
Sun Oct 26 19:38:11 EST 1997

Der Forestmeister may have just made history.  Offering a virtual
prospectus will work one day and his may have been the first.  Hope it
sells to someone lurking on this newsgroup.

People sell timber and a growing number are using the Internet for advice.
 This combination makes for an exciting future for forestry and I am glad
to be a part of it.

Do you know how to sell your timber?  Do you know about volumes and what
units wood is sold in?

Read my new feature with links that explain wood volumes and the hazards
to look for.  Wood volumes are the most misunderstood part in selling
timber for the best dollar.  Read "Understanding Wood Volumes: Mission
Impossible" for a shortcourse in timber volumes.

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"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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