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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 27 06:36:14 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:

>         What's the reason for not allowing trees to be killed?  I've allowed for
> this and even demanded it on certain trees.  Its a way to enhance wildlife
> while removing an undesirable seed source.  I usually use it on black gum,
> which are generally hollow and a hazard to cut.  I've also used it on trees
> with metal in it, i.e. fence or tree stands.  I don't want it in the next
> harvest, and it will be more difficult to see during marking or cutting.

In this case only- because the landowner likes to walk the property with
his children and friends and doesn't like the idea of girdled trees
since they most likely will break, possibly being a danger- and when
they break they'll be messy looking. In all other cases I have allowed
girdling the trees.

In this case almost every tree is a good one so few are likely to be
left. If many of the trees were poor quality, possibly being left, I
wouldn't demand that they drop the trees- or I might not find a buyer.
In this case, the quality is so good I'll have no trouble writing my own
ticket of demands- reasonable ones.

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