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> ForestFair wrote:
> >   I've gotten a lot out of the timber offering discussion, as I'm in
> >  process of revising a timber sale contract for our own timber, which
will be
> >  shown two times in the next week (by a consulting forester).
> > 
> > ForestFair at aol.com
> 4. Slash will be lopped immediately after dropping the tree prior to
> logs from the tree being removed.  The slash must be cut to 3 feet of
> the ground.

	I've also added that no slash will remain in drainage areas, and be
dragged back 50 feet.

> 7. Upon completion of all harvesting work a bulldozer will be used to
> doze any skid trails that are not fully reparable with the skidder.
> Existing bulldozed woods roads that are used in this harvest MUST be
> redozed original conditions.

	I've also added the implementation of water bars and reseeding with shade
tolerant grasses.

> 20. All marked trees must be cut down.  If the BUYER decides to not
> remove the logs from the tree he must still drop the tree and cut it
> into sections to not exceed 8 feet in length.  The BUYER is not
> permitted to kill the tree by girdling it. An exception to this clause
> is found in clause #22.

	What's the reason for not allowing trees to be killed?  I've allowed for
this and even demanded it on certain trees.  Its a way to enhance wildlife
while removing an undesirable seed source.  I usually use it on black gum,
which are generally hollow and a hazard to cut.  I've also used it on trees
with metal in it, i.e. fence or tree stands.  I don't want it in the next
harvest, and it will be more difficult to see during marking or cutting.

	I usually have 10% down.  I will put on a time schedule for the payment. 
Small sales to be paid before harvest.  Large sales can be put into blocks,
paid before harvest.  


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