Forestry in Scotland

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Oct 27 05:48:37 EST 1997

Anders Axelsson wrote:

> We,too,have a lot of problems with Roe deer,at least in the southern half
> of the country.A recent method to minimise damage to is to leave bales of
> hay wrapped in plastic a minimum of 100 metres from recently planted tracts
> from November on.

Too many deer are not usually a problem here in the USA since almost all
red blooded patriotic American males have their own personal armory- a
wall cabinet filled with enough weapons for a battalion. And most
American men dream all year of the few weeks of hunting season when they
can go out and do battle with those dangerous animals. By this means we
keep the populations of deer under control. This is also good for the
nation in case we get invaded by Nicaragua and the National Guard is
called out. <G>

Often, hunters are surprised when I tell them that I go out deep in the
woods all alone without weapons.

To learn more about American guns, just go visit Don Staples' home page.

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