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Anders Axelsson anders.axelsson at eu.pnu.com
Mon Oct 27 03:55:40 EST 1997

Don Staples <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote in article 
> Gate wood price on pine in Texas is $75.00 ton, give or take.  My last
> sale brought $60 a ton, logging and hauling will cost $20.00 a ton, so I
> got my landowner $5.00 a ton more that the best logger can offer,
> acctually more like $8 to $10 per ton on most loggers, so my bill doen't
> hurt the landowner.  Small loggers reaping the benefits of small land
> owners currently offer $30.00 a ton, so the income for a landowner that
> uses a consultant will be doubled, less consulting fees.  Good deal for
> them.
> Next weeks sale will be in excess of 300,000 feet, much better grade and
> size of pine, and should bring in a 40% increase in sales value, the
> companies depending on a long term contract to compensate for the
> increase in there cost, against the steady rise of timber in this part
> of the world.

To educate a Scandinavian:
How many feet are there per cubic metre?
What is "mbf"
And how much is a"cord",a term I saw someone else using.
The prices per ton that you quote,is that fot timber to be sawn or pulped
or is it a

Thanks for your help.


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