Forestry in Scotland

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Oct 27 16:28:41 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Joseph and I agree on most things, not on weaponry.  Difference between
> the east Coast, left Coast, and free Texas!  (Yes, Joseph, it's a
> joke).  Deer hunting is one more method of earning income from the
> property.  The hunting leases pay the ad valorum tax in Texas.  One less
> worry.  And I like guns.  Joseph is into Woodstock (Joseph, it's over,
> come back) and I'm into the woods chasing the saber tooth cotten tail.
> I use a Holland and Holland .765 for this dangerous game.
> > woods all alone without weapons.

I see yur "gun nut" page is down at this time. <G>

Ya, Woodstock, those were the days. The Golden Era. Hey, it's only about
100 miles from here. Course, all those folks are now white hair grandmas
and grandpas.

The generation that droped acid now drops antacid. <G>

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