when to leave bionet.agroforestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 28 10:27:17 EST 1997

ForestFair wrote:
> Forestmeister wrote:
> >
> >I'd like to suggest that by the end of November - the "regulars" here
> >officially abandon bionet.agroforestry.
>   I've only been reading this newsgroup for a month (and from an _unapproved_
>  service at that!) and would like someone to explain what this move to
>  alt.forestry is all about?  Aren't most new newsgroups started when the volume
>  in an established newsgroup becomes too high to handle, and a group of users
>  with an interest in a particular subtheme goes off on their own (often
>  remaining in the original group as well)?  That doesn't appear to be the case
>  with bionet.agroforestry.

agroforestry is not forestry

many search engines can't even find agroforestry if you enter "forestry"
into their search fields, some agroforesters don't want "normal"
forestry in their group

>   Is the new newsgroup intended to appeal to just one segment of those with
>  forest interests?  If so, please be clear about it so those who are not the
>  elite know their place.

Well, nobody's in control here, it just sort of evolved. I should think
it won't have any special interests. Anything to do with forests would
be appropriate, like the Civil War for example. <G> The new group is
just agroforestry without the misleading agro.

>   For what it's worth, the extent of computer use among private forest
>  landowners is very low, at least in the northeast.  A majority still do not
>  use computers, and when they do, they are likely to start out with something
>  like AOL.   Is the idea to discourage participation by NIPFOs?

I'm also a Yankee Nor'easter. I've noticed that in the past year I've
gone from zero landowners in my file cabinet having email to about a
half dozen. I wish they all had it; but the net is the wave of the
future, even in professional fields NOT known for revolutionary fervor.
What the heck is a NIPFO? <G>

>   On another topic, thanks for posting your timber sale contract draft.  It had
>  some provisions that I'd been thinking about but had been hesitant to bring
>  up, since I'd already asked our consultant for several changes.

It's grist for the mill and it will be modified before it's over; my
client has his lawyer reviewing it, so it will probably become
unreadable. <G>

In any case, it was just a suggestion. It's what I'll do, everyone else
- do your own thing as we Woodstock Nation folks like to say.

Der Woodstock Forestmeister

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