when to leave bionet.agroforestry

Jostnix jostnix at aol.com
Tue Oct 28 07:54:19 EST 1997


I, for one ain't leavin this site until I see a better hit rate on
alt.forestry.  And I am yet to get onto the group.

>drop amateur ISP, AOL and get a REAL ISP.
You can say that but I have an Alabama readership on AOL and can't drop.

>I suggest at that point we don't reply to messages in
>bionet.agroforestry but politely indicate that that the questioner
>should go to alt.forestry<<

Lee did this at Gettysburg.  He gave up the highground to lose the battle
and eventually the War.  You aint taking these pale, sweat drippin knuckles
off bionet.agroforestry just yet. 


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