Forest Ecology and Management Journal

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 28 05:52:56 EST 1997

You can subscribe to it at

Get a year's subcription for only $2,307.00 per year. I instantly got
out my Amex card and placed an order to find out what major
breakthroughs are occuring in forestry research; such as how to convince
landowners to retain a prof. forester instead of Billy Bob's Logging
Co.; advances in the development of very small low cost efficient
logging equipment for thinnng young stands profitably; user friendly
forestry software; finding a usefull function for state service
foresters; designing laser guns to mark timber with; the development of
androids (like Data on Star Trek) to carry my heavy stuff into the woods
and to be a "tally boy"; etc., etc., etc. Hurry and place your order.

Hmmm.. I suppose my android (Mr. Timber Data) could also do TSI work
with a chainsaw. Dress him up in some good LL Bean clothes. And he could
do it 24 hours per day until finished. Or I could have 2 of these
androids and they could carry me through the woods like the way those
ancient kings got carried through the streets up in my comfortable
chair. Well, maybe in another 10 years.

"A mud forester- and proud of it".

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