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Patrick J. Chicas pjc at aloha.net
Mon Oct 27 20:30:49 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin (redoak at forestmeister.com) wrote:

: It's more fun to be whacky than an uptight Republican brainwashed by
: religion - and thinking that Rush Limbaugh is an intellectual. I can see
: you have no sense of humor- you either were an accounting major in the
: '60's or you're just a young Republican punk that worships
: megacorporations- foolishly thinking that they represent the real
: American spirit.

You guessed wrong in general.

I am an entrepreneur. I create or help create businesses that provide jobs
and livelyhoods. I tend to vote Republican but, not always. I don't listen
to Rush. My formal education is in a range of subjects, none were

: Don't take seriously everything you read- that's how
: you got into your predicament of being a thoughless conservative.

Your to funny.. 

Read my bio to see what a fool you are making of yourself.


: I
: actually do have some respect for some conservatives who show some
: common sense.

And I have respect for some liberals that also disdain arrogance and do
show common sense.


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