Dump AOL!

Jostnix jostnix at aol.com
Tue Oct 28 13:56:50 EST 1997


You are not making sense here<respectfully>.  The AOL population in the US
is ...and hear this well...50% of the Internet market.  You can NOT have a
viable discussion about anything without AOL, AOL, AOL or Microsoft and
Gill Bates. Suck up and admit it.

Many  AOLers are newbees and barely know how to turn on a computer and AOL
is a good thing for them.  I cut my teeth on AOL and came up just that way.
 I consider myself computer literate and still can't let go of AOL, AOL,
AOL or Microsoft and Gill Bates.

Back to bionet.agroforestry; people are beginning to know where it is.  It
has a respected bionet. extension vs. alt. which has not commanded a proper
and respected Internet place.  Go to alt.binaries.fetish to see...sorry,
you probably already have<grinsmilegrin>.  My point is that forestry is
worthy of much, much more


1) AOL wont go away.  You have to design your plan around them:(
2) bionet.agroforestry would die a quick death without forestry (in your
heart you know Im right).  No one will pick up the flag...and by gum we do
practice agroforestry every day when we plant a tree.
3) Gill Bates wont go away.
4) Dont give up something in the hand for nothing in the mind (Aesop -
circa 1997) 
4) Lee did not take the highground at Gettysburg and lost the WAR.

Love you man, but you still can't have my bud lig...still can't change my mind.

Steve Nix
``````) (_________John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
Alabama Forestry Link...http://members.aol.com/jostnix/index.htm 

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