Dump AOL!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 28 16:00:56 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> ForestMeister!

> Back to bionet.agroforestry; people are beginning to know where it is.  It
> has a respected bionet. extension vs. alt. which has not commanded a proper
> and respected Internet place.  Go to alt.binaries.fetish to see...sorry,
> you probably already have<grinsmilegrin>.  My point is that forestry is
> worthy of much, much more

The prefix is irrelevant, like titles. Bionet may be "respectable" but
there ain't no bionet.forestry. I agree that it would be better If there
were a bionet.forestry. But there are many respectable alt groups- like
some of the best computer hardware and software related groups.

> Summary:
> 1) AOL wont go away.  You have to design your plan around them:(

All yuh gotta do is ask AOL to add alt.forestry. AOL itself is not the
issue. And you're so concerned with the "image" of bionet vs. alt but
AOL has no such professional image, it's considered a bit tacky <G>.
Like I say, I don't care about image one or the other. You can have your
AOL and alt.forestry, too if you so much as bother to ask them.

> 2) bionet.agroforestry would die a quick death without forestry (in your
> heart you know Im right).  No one will pick up the flag...and by gum we do
> practice agroforestry every day when we plant a tree.

Well, I don't practice agroforestry. To each his own. If you like then
stay there. You didn't bring up these arguments when Larry Caldwell
started the process for the new group. Or maybe you did, I can't
remember that far back. <G>

> 3) Gill Bates wont go away.
> 4) Dont give up something in the hand for nothing in the mind (Aesop -
> circa 1997)

It exists. You just find it too complicated to ask for the new group.
Maybe ya bin workin fer the government too long. <G>

> 4) Lee did not take the highground at Gettysburg and lost the WAR.

Well, ya urnd points for puttin up a gud fight! But ya were outnumbered
and out industrialized and God was our side. <G>

> Love you man, but you still can't have my bud lig...still can't change my mind.

Well, you stay and hold the fort. Fight to the last man. <G>

And any people that show up who you can't help send over to the forestry
group. <G>

We'll probably end up having both for a long time. I just think it's
silly to continue crossposting to both for months.

But heck, maybe if both get used, we'll end with enough traffic that we
can eventually get bionet.forestmeister, the true home for Professional

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