Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 28 15:49:06 EST 1997

Nick Ananin wrote:
> Why not AgroForestry - plenty of Agro with those leaving :-)
> But seriously, I hope it works out. Are there any other NG's which relate
> to forestry that most people can find easily? Is there some way of finding
> out?
> --
> Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

You can search for newsgroups with several specialized search engines,
the one I like is

But there are no others- it's bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestery.
There are other wildlife and conservation type groups which discuss
outdoors related stuff but not forestry as such.

There is no doubt in  my mind that you will be able to have access to
alt.forestry if you "badger" your ISP. My news server is one of the
largest in the world which contacts the largest in Europe directly. If
your news server says he can't find it, he isn't trying very hard- it's
an automatic process once he adds it to his database. As the Bible says,
"ask and ye shall receive", if you don't ask the news servers don't
automatically go looking for new groups. It's that simple.

"The ONLY forester's web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

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