when to leave bionet.agroforestry

ForestFair forestfair at aol.com
Tue Oct 28 09:37:58 EST 1997

Forestmeister wrote:
>I'd like to suggest that by the end of November - the "regulars" here
>officially abandon bionet.agroforestry.

  I've only been reading this newsgroup for a month (and from an _unapproved_
 service at that!) and would like someone to explain what this move to
 alt.forestry is all about?  Aren't most new newsgroups started when the volume
 in an established newsgroup becomes too high to handle, and a group of users
 with an interest in a particular subtheme goes off on their own (often
 remaining in the original group as well)?  That doesn't appear to be the case
 with bionet.agroforestry.
>So as of the end of November, let's leave bionet.agroforestry to the
>those 3 guys on the planet who call themselves "agroforester".

Well, if AOL doesn't add alt.forestry, I'll have to ask those 3 guys if they'd
 mind if this gal remains with them.  :)

>I suggest at that point we don't reply to messages in
>bionet.agroforestry but politely indicate that that the questioner
>should go to alt.forestry

  Is the new newsgroup intended to appeal to just one segment of those with
 forest interests?  If so, please be clear about it so those who are not the
 elite know their place. 

  For what it's worth, the extent of computer use among private forest
 landowners is very low, at least in the northeast.  A majority still do not
 use computers, and when they do, they are likely to start out with something
 like AOL.   Is the idea to discourage participation by NIPFOs?  

  On another topic, thanks for posting your timber sale contract draft.  It had
 some provisions that I'd been thinking about but had been hesitant to bring
 up, since I'd already asked our consultant for several changes.  

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