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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 28 16:08:44 EST 1997

dstaples at livingston.net wrote:

> Smile when you say that, pilgrim.  And take your hat off when talking
> about Bobbie Lee.

Well, regarding the Civil War, most people I know feel strongly about it
for historical reasons, or because one of their anscestors were in it. I
never gave much thought to that war and have little personal feeling
over it, except of course that slavery had to end. Being a "Thoreauvian"
I wouldn't worship the industrial north either- industrial life back
then was a dirty, dangerous short life- and the industries destroyed the
rivers, mountains were clearcut for charcoal for the trains, water was
polluted all so that a handfull of people could build 100 room mansions-
here in the beautiful Bershires which was playground for the rich prior
to jet travel- the ultra rich of the time. Thoreau said, "do we ride the
railroad or does it ride over us."- or something like that.

And in the 1860s my anscestors were probably serfs in Europe, so the
Civil War doesn't ring any bells for me. The 2 world wars and 'Nam ring
lots of bells as I know many people who fought in them- just now I'm
watching a video on the Guns of August.

But this may not be relevant to agroforestry. <G>

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