AltamontNY altamontny at
Tue Oct 28 20:46:48 EST 1997

Nick Aranin<visfor at> asked:
>Are there any other NG's which relate
>to forestry that most people can find easily? Is there some way of finding

AOL has a newsgroup search feature to look for a word in the title of the
 newsgroup. Only groups available on AOL are searched.   Entering "forest"
 gives this selection:

ntu.agri.forestry (not in English)
and an AOL group,

With the exception of the ntu.agri.forestry newsgroup, there is little activity
  except for bionet.agriforestry.

Entering "tree" and "wood" as search terms gave some other groups, like a
 redwood group, but nothing that seemed to be a general forestry group.  

There are some foreign language groups, but I only tried the German for forest,
 or "wald" which provided one possiblity--cl.umwelt.wald.  Sprechen Sie

Searching for alt. forestry produced no results.

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