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Wed Oct 29 03:41:31 EST 1997

In article <01bce1eb$77f8f5e0$854285c3 at default>,
"bilbo" <andreysg at> wrote:

>   ðÒÉ×ÅÔ,all! I'am  calling   for  Your   help. äÅÌÏ  ×  ÔÏÍ , 

It looks to me like you have to hire a master forester.  You have
your tree markings all screwed up.

If you want to approach the problem yourself, adjust your newsreader
so it adds a Content-Type: and charset= line to your posts.  Once our
newsreaders know what character set you are using, perhaps we can
at least display it in readable format.  As displayed, your text
on my screen is an interesting mix of Cyrillic characters, IBM line
drawing characters, and ancient Scandinavian runes, with a couple
apothecary marks added in.

If you examine  the header of this post, you will see a Content-Type:
line, and that I am using ISO-8859-1.

-- Larry

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