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1. Re the continuing discussion on Forestry Groups, remember to have a
look at the Virtual Library of Forestry Information maintained in Finland. 
(  There are several international
maillists and newsgroups with discussion largely taking place in English.

2. For 'agroforesters' amongst you (hi Jamie!) I believe that the American
Federation of Temperate Agroforesters runs/ran a maillist at
listproc at (send message saying 'subscribe AFTA
<your name>').  In the UK another maillist has just been set up titled
'agroforestry' (see for
more details).  If you wan't to know about agroforestry modelling have a
look at my web site on (  I'll post
soon a listing of more web sites related to agroforestry.

3. For those of you who are wondering  about the history of
bionet.agroforestry, well the newsgroup started in 1989, largely with a
push from UK agroforesters who wished to co-ordinate trials of sheep
and cattle grazing amongst widely spaced trees (Silvopastoral systems).
Subsequently a network was established to measure the interactions
between trees and crops (Silvoarable systems).  There are a lot of
agroforesters out there, but many have drifted away from this group
because of spams and rather unfocussed discussions.  I'd like to
encourage them to rejoin, and the gradual migration of people with no
interest in agroforestry (in its widest sense - which includes
farm-forestry) to alt.forestry would be welcome (although its been very
interesting to learn about 'mud forestry'!).

4.  I did propose a while back to introduce moderation to this group - but
the discussion was inconclusive with many people taking great
exception.  Since spams seem to have settled to a lower level, lets just
leave things as they are.

5. I just did a search for 'forestry' on lyris and found:
Mailing Lists 
               FWG-L: OPIRG Guelph Forestry Working Group Discussion List
               GP-BCFOR: GRNSD B.C. Forests and Forestry Project
               SERF-NET: Southern Extension and Research Forestry Net
Usenet Newsgroups 

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