Can´t get alt.forestry

ForestFair forestfair at
Thu Oct 30 10:34:01 EST 1997

Citlali Cortes wrote:

>I've tried since the group was opened and I can't get anything. The response I
 get is that the group does not exist.

>I've read that I should email my "ISP" but I have no idea of what ISP stands

ISP=Internet Service Provider, the outfit that provides Internet access for
 you, unless you use an online service (like AOL or Compuserve) or a Bulletin
 Board (BBS) that carries newsgroups.

AOL still does not make alt.forestry available--I've sent requests to several
 AOL addresses, but each day when I try to add alt.forestry, I'm told it's an
 invalid group.

ForestFair at

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