when to leave bionet.agroforestry

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Thu Oct 30 03:20:10 EST 1997

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forestfair at aol.com (ForestFair) wrote:

>   I've only been reading this newsgroup for a month (and from an _unapproved_
>  service at that!) and would like someone to explain what this move to
>  alt.forestry is all about?  Aren't most new newsgroups started when the volume
>  in an established newsgroup becomes too high to handle, and a group of users
>  with an interest in a particular subtheme goes off on their own (often
>  remaining in the original group as well)?  That doesn't appear to be the case
>  with bionet.agroforestry.

No, it's not the case here.  The bionet heirarchy is not part of usenet,
it only looks that way.  All bionet newsgroups are under the control of
BioSci Administration.  They can be moderated just by selecting a
moderator, and are dedicated to one narrow academic discipline each.

Most bionet newsgroups do not welcome posts by the general public.  

Agroforestry is a co-cropping technique popular in tropical regions
of the planet.  Discussion of forestry without intercropping is off
topic here, as are all political discussions, and the bantering
between Flower Child Zorzin and his pistol-packin' companero 

The agroforestry folks got together at an agroforestry conference about
six months ago, and decided to make b.a a moderated group and reclaim
it for agroforestry.  They put their plans on hold after anguished
cries from yours truly and the Fern Hoppers.  However, we really need
to move.  Many of our posts really are not welcome here.

An attempt to create sci.forestry failed because, out of the millions
of people who read usenet, only about 73 voted in favor.  That is not
enough.  I decided to propose alt.forestry because alt group creation
is easier.  However, many sites simply are not adding new alt groups
except by user request, and even worse, there is no guarantee that
a new alt group will be propagated around the net.

The only thing that will assure wide propagation is traffic, and you 
need traffic to assure propagation.  Thus, all the crossposting to
bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestry.  Bionet.agroforestry has never
seen so much traffic as it has seen since we decided to move out.

I'm crossposting this to a couple news admin groups, in the hope that
a Net Personage or two will look with favor on our humble project, and
boost the propagation a bit.

-- Larry

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