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Fri Oct 31 17:18:15 EST 1997

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> Most landowners don't give a hoot about certification, unless it would mean
> a reduction in taxes.  Those that do are already doing, without
> certification or tax relief.  Clean and green was used to slow down
> development by giving tax relief.  Not all landowners signed up for that,
> even in areas that couldn't be developed.  Again, signing up and complying
> would be two different animals.

You got that right.  Near as I can tell, certification is just another
stack of forms to fill out, with no paycheck at the end.  People want
to tell landowners what to do with their land, but don't want to pay
for the privelege.

"Sustainable" is a fool's term when applied to small acreage.  I'm blowing
hell out of dozens of acres of dense madrone so I can get D. Fir and
P. Pine established on the land.  Nothing sustainable about that, but 
this area of the world isn't going to run short of madrone any time in
the next century.  When it comes time for harvest, 2/3 of the land
is going to hit harvestable age at the same time.

I figure if people want 'sustainable' they should clear land and plant 
a few million trees.  Anything else is just hot air.

-- Larry

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