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>lanco wrote:
>> anyone know of any good sources of information related to no-till
>> organic farming?  or, anyone know anthing about no-till, organic
>> soybean production? or, anyone know if no-till, organic is feasible?
>> thanks.-->lang at

>Depending on where you are you may have a problem going organic and
>no-till.  No-till generally requires an integrated pest management
> chemicals!  Also, no-till may not be very successful on
>heavy textured soils, that is soils with a high clat content.  It may be
>possible to move to an organic system once the pests are under control
>(with chemicals) and using an appropriate rotation.  Corn, beans wheat
>is typical in my region (southern Ontario).  The rotation helpd to
>reduce the build up of pests that require a specific host (and there are
>economic advantages as well).  However, going organic after many years
>of conventional management may lead to problems in weed management. 
>Lot's of manual labour may be required.  Try contacting your local
>agronomist. Start with the government ones as they will probably know
>some people in your area that are trying alternative methods of
>agriculture.  If there is no help there, then try the closest university
>that has an agriculture program (where are you writing from?).  They
>will often point you in the right direction or offer assistance for

 You don't need chemicals. Have a look at the Permaculture literature
or visit a Permaculture site. One of the best no-till books I've read
is called 'The one straw revolution' by an amazing Japanese man called
Fukuoka. Love, respect and peace.

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