cops torture enviornmentalists

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Oct 31 07:10:23 EST 1997

In today's local paper I see the following AP release. I think the story
was also on last night's TV news programs.

	SAN FRANCISCO (AP)- A videotape released yesterday shows officers using
swabs to dab pepper spray onto the eyelids of antilogging protesters who
are screaming and pleading for help.
	"Call your congressman. Tell him they're torturing us," one of the four
women yells to supporters during a sit-in at a congressman's office.
	The tape, played for reporters at a news conference announcing a
lawsuit, showed protesters sitting on the floor screaming as deputies
pulled back their heads and applied the burning substance. Officers can
be seen prying one woman's eyes open before dabbing them with spray
while she whimpers, "No, don't open it."
	The federal lawsuit, filed on behalf of nine demonstrators at two
protests, said officers from the Humboldt County sheriff's department
and the Eureka police department violated pepper spray guidelines from
the National Law Enforcement Policy Center. Those guidelines specify
that the substance should not be discharged into the eyes from distances
of less than 2 feet.
	The suit seeks damages and a court order forbidding the use of liquied
pepper spray by the officers against "peaceful,non-violent protestors."
	The plaintiffs say the tape was made by police on Oct. 16 at the Eureka
offices of Rep. frank Riggs, R-Calif. A second police tape showed
similar events in the lobby of the Pacific Lumger Co. in Scotia on Sept.

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