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Fri Oct 31 13:35:19 EST 1997

Florent Lemieux wrote:
> I search information about "endsealer for logs and
> lumber" it's suppose that applying a log wax dramatically increases
>  profitability by preventing end checking other heat and age related
>  problems.? In this article they speak about "anchorseal" Did some sawmill
> try it ?
>                                         Florent Lemieux
>                                         Forest Technicien
Very nearly any sealing material will provide some level of prevention,
parafin melted in a petroleum base will even work.  Commercial materials
are used for ease of handling and acceptance by our EPA or any agency
ya'll have in Canada.  For short term use even latex paint works, to a
certain degree.

It will, indeed, inprove the end value of the logs.
Don Staples

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