Headwaters Forest Video Available

Mark Shippey kprinter at dfw.dfw.net
Tue Sep 2 10:59:30 EST 1997

catherine yronwode (cat at luckymojo.com) wrote:
: with environmental activists, and an exceprt of a dramatic rally speech
: by the late Judi Bari round out the feature. 

  Bari.... part of Earth First!, original publishers of the
book EcoDefense, wherein people were encouraged to commit
various violent acts such as burning, slashing and to use
"punji stakes" to puncture the tires of moving vehicles.
  I can post the actual quotes from this book if anyone is
interested. A book that promoted violence, based on a view
of the world that can only be compared to religous fundamentalist
  Credibility drops quickly when Earth First! is used as a
reference, except amongst fanatics.

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